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Oprah gets a big kick out of Aisha Tyler’s joke about wanting to be a slave

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Last night Aisha Tyler hosted something called the 2014 Critics’ Choice Awards. The ceremony was important enough to merit Oprah Winfrey’s presence, but not important enough to find a host other than Aisha Tyler.

For posterity, here’s Ms. Winfrey’s reaction to one of Ms. Tyler’s hilarious jokes, as recounted by Billy Nilles at Zap2It:

“’12 Years a Slave’ … so incredible. Steve McQueen made such a heartbreaking and evocatively beautiful movie about slavery. I’ve never seen something so abhorrent and horrible look so pretty,” Tyler says. “It almost made me want to go back to that time.”

She quickly adds, “No it didn’t. Are you kidding me? I drove here in a Porsche today after a white guy made me scrambled eggs. And then he took it downtown.* You know what I’m talking about. [Michael] Fassbender knows what I’m talking about.”

And here, for the sake of posterity, is Oprah yukkin’ it up at Aisha’s sparkling witticism:


Delightful. Great job, Aisha!

(Hat Tip: Twitchy)

*Of course, she was talking about her husband taking her on a lovely shopping trip after breakfast. Michael Fassbender also enjoys shopping. And, incidentally, cunnilingus.

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