Guns and Gear

Second Amendment organization helps people find firearms friendly businesses

Guns and Gear Contributor, (2AO) a brand new 501c3 not-for-profit organization announced its presence with a BANG at the 2014 SHOT show thanks to an interview with NRA news show Cam & Company. Co-founders Bryan Crosswhite and Baraka James talked about the service for business owners.

“We just wanted a way to be able to find and support businesses that were 2nd Amendment supporters. There was no place on the web to do that. We put up a website, and, after a couple of interviews, well, it just exploded. We are currently signing up new registrants at a rate of a business per minute ” Said founder Bryan Crosswhite.

Ace Luciano, the Vice President and Director of Strategic and Industry Partnerships, added, “When you walk up to a business, say, a restaurant and you see a DU or NRA sticker on the door, you feel better about supporting a business that aligns with your values. The problem is that you’ve already made the choice to go to that establishment BEFORE you found that out. Now, you can make your decision based on the knowledge that the businesses listed in the registry believe in the same things you do.”

The staff of 2AO includes:
President: Bryan Crosswhite
Vice-President and co-founder: Baraka Ulrich James
Vice President, Marketing and Strategic Partnerships: Jerry “Ace” Luciano
Vice Predient, CFO: Zora Fahmi

For more information or to register your business, visit