Barebacking HIV-positive college wrestler made 32 videos of his exploits

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A police investigation has uncovered 32 videos of former college student and varsity wrestler Michael “Tiger” Johnson having unprotected sex and — possibly – exposing his sexual partners to HIV, the virus that causes AIDS.

Johnson, who attended private Lindenwood University in suburbs of St. Louis, has been charged with knowingly exposing at least five unaware sexual partners, reports the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

The first charge against Johnson, 21, came in October—a single count of recklessly risking infection of another person with HIV.

Administrators at Lindenwood University, a private liberal arts school with an enrollment of about 7,800 undergrads, expelled Johnson after that first charge,

In November, prosecutors added four additional counts.

Two of Johnson’s sexual partners have since tested negative for the HIV virus. Two others reportedly had tests but their results are not clear. One victim refused to cooperate with investigators.

On Thursday, prosecutors announced the existence of the small library of possibly clandestinely recorded videos. Many of the 32 videos appear to have been filmed on the Lindenwood campus.

All of Johnson’s partners in the videos are men.

Police told the Post-Dispatch that they believe Johnson didn’t tell his partners about his HIV-positive status before having unprotected sex with them.

The total number of sexual partners Johnson had in the 32 videos is unclear. The identities of almost all of the people in the videos — besides Johnson — are unknown.

Prosecutors speculate that the former wrestler may have found his partners on campus and by way of student media. He was active on both Facebook (as TigerSaidSo) and Instagram (as tigermandingo).

The Instagram account in particular contains a large number of topless selfies.

Back in October, just before his initial arrest, Johnson posted frantically on Facebook about how he had “m(e)ssed up big time,” according to The Riverfront Times.

The Times discovered one of Johnson’s Facebook postings exhorting more gay men to “bottom.” The grossly ungrammatical post reads:

A men say ” ill never bottom nor would i for anyone.= Him asking his boyfriend after thinking and waiting for the right time asking baby would you Top me this just one time!= loving it from the start. Mother always say try before you say “no I don’t like it”

In Missouri, the crime of having unprotected sex when you know you have AIDS is a Class B felony punishable a prison term ranging from five to 15 years.

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