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In Oregon, and 20 other states, it’s illegal not to bake a wedding cake if you don’t want to

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You may have heard about this story last year. A bakery in Gresham, Oregon called Sweet Cakes by Melissa refused to make a wedding cake because it was for a lesbian wedding. The lesbian couple, rather than find some other bakery that wanted their business, filed a complaint under the Oregon Equality Act of 2007, and the state found in their favor.

In other words, businesses in Oregon are not just encouraged, but obligated by law to do whatever gay people want them to do.

Courtesy of The Blaze, here are proprietors Aaron and Melissa Klein reacting to the decision:

Or, y’know, gay couples could just find another bakery that wants their money. But then, they wouldn’t be able to ruin other people’s businesses for daring to disagree with them. What would be the point of that?

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