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Journo mysteriously explains his whereabouts 

“I’ve been kinda quiet on Twitter this weekend, but I do have 6 blog posts (3 guest posts) ready to post during the week.” — Digital Transformation Editor at Digital First Media Steve Buttry.

Uh oh, teleprompter troubles at CNN 

“Prompter is back! Deep breath.” — Jamie Shupak, fiancé to CNN’s Brian Stelter. Over the weekend, the teleprompter malfunctioned during the intro as Stelter did the show from the Sundance Film Festival in Utah.

Media critic blasts CNN, Stelter for media bias 

“Nothing says media bias like talking to Hollywood elites @edlavaCNN@CNNReliable this am: @brianstelter is live from Sundance FilmFestival.” — FNC media critic Richard Grenell.

Surely Rogers can eat brunch after noon? 

“I’m starting to feel bad for Mike Rogers. Doesn’t he want to do Sunday brunch just once? Going on the shows every week has its downsides.” — HuffPost‘s Sam Stein referring to Rogers, a Republican congressman from Michigan.

Quote Taken Entirely Out of Context

“Oh get over it you old farts. Women buy lady products.” — TheBlazeDana Loesch.

Writer prefers his weekend sans food poisoning 

“I can’t help but think that this day would be better with less food poisoning.” — Klaus Marre, entrepreneur, author and former employee of The Hill, The Daily Caller, among others.

The Braggart 

“I’m a much younger and better-looking man trapped in a middle-aged man’s body. Don’t hate me!” — Conservative blogger Robert Stacy McCain.

Don’t you know who Oliver Darcy is? 

“You guys, @KateUpton‘s manager @EMERSONbarth still hasn’t responded to my multiple requests for an interview. What’s up with that?” — TheBlazeOliver Darcy.

The Weekend Observer

“Weekend twitter is a lot of people trying to convince you they’re not as lame as their weekday twitter.” — Logan Dobson, research analyst for The Tarrance Group, a Republican polling firm.


Editor couldn’t care less about the first lady’s big birthday

“I like Michelle Obama but have literally no interest in the fact that she’s 50 #CongressYourUnpopularOpinion” — The Sunday Times Washington Bureau Chief Toby Harnden.

UnknownWarby Parker wants Ezra Klein to have glasses like Joe Scarborough’s  

@JoeNBC The cool factor of our specs shot up several points once you started rocking them, Joe! Now if only we could get Ezra into a pair.”

NYT or Sloan Kettering? 

“Email I received: ‘I have canceled my digital NYT subscription and plan to donate that monthly amount to [@sloan_kettering] instead.'” — Lisa Bonchek Adams, the woman afflicted with cancer who has been blogging and tweeting about her condition. Bill and Emma Keller have written stories for the NYT and The Guardian respectively questioning her public outpourings by social media.

Ya think?

“Question for #MediaBuzz: Has media coverage of Chris Christie’s bridge scandal and related problems now shifted to overkill?” — FNC’s Howard Kurtz.