UK band: Miley Cyrus ‘a f**king nightmare of the 21st century’

Grae Stafford Freelance Photographer
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The British music magazine NME has published an interview with UK band Kasabian and guitarist Serge Pizzorno, who took the chance to explain exactly how he feels about Miley Cyrus, in between talking about the band’s new album.

“I don’t really know what that world is, man,” Pizzorno said. “It’s just a fucking money making thing. We (the music industry) created Miley Cyrus man, that’s our fault. She’s just a fucking accumulation of Internet porn, fucking hip hop, fucking Disney world. She’s just a fucking nightmare of the 21st century.”

Bandmate and new father Tom Meighan, was not impressed by Miley’s tongue antics.

“I’ll tell you something my daughter’s not going to be anything like her no way,” Meighan told NME.

Pizzorno also criticized the music industry, saying, “It’s not her fault but we created that. The way she goes about her business, Twitter, all this bollocks, blows my mind.”

Pizzorno and Meighan are not the only UK residents who have been turned off by Miley’s antics.

British Prime Minister David Cameron and his wife Samantha have apparently banned Miley at 10 Downing Street, saying that his three children Nancy, 9, Elwen, 7, and Florence, 3, are “too young” to watch the cavorting Ms. Cyrus.

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph Cameron admitted, “They knew Hannah Montana and luckily they haven’t made the link yet.”

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