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Anti-gun California democrat demonstrates his firearms ignorance [VIDEO]

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By Jan Morgan,

Kevin De Leon, (California Democrat) of course…makes an absolute fool of himself when attempting to talk about firearms, which he clearly knows nothing about.

Unfortunately for him, it was video taped and will now be ‘out there’ forever.

Mr. De Leon, is just one more example of the foolishness in the democratic party regarding firearms and the 2nd Amendment.

If he wants to be anti-gun… that’s his business…. but.. if he thinks his ignorance about firearms should prevent the rest of us from exercising our 2nd Amendment rights, that is my business.

Mr. De Leon, the next time you want to demonstrate something related to firearms, I suggest you find someone who actually knows what they are talking about… Of course, good luck getting anyone who knows guns to be on your side and willing to demonstrate and disseminate erroneous information as if it was factual.

You folks who live in California, better get busy getting these fools out of office or you will find yourselves living in a police state run by idiots.