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Is there such a thing as an editor over apologizing? Grantland‘s Editor-in-Chief Bill Simmons bends over backwards to say what the news outlet did wrong in covering Dr. V, who killed herself. It’s a fascinating story about the process the outlet went through to produce and publish a story he now deeply regrets.

Are you still wondering if Woody Allen molested his adopted daughter 22 years ago? Not exactly a relaxing Bath Time read, but it’s irresistable nonetheless. Read here.

The ins and outs of Ezra Klein leaving WaPoPolitico reports that Washington Post‘s Jeff Bezos and company had no counter offer for Klein. See here.

Are you a “Weiner watcher?” If so…you’ll want to read this.

Beverly Young goes apeshit on the Tampa Bay Times story….If you haven’t read this, you must. The second wife of the late Don Young (R-Fla.) — the one who horribly pretends he had no children or wife before her —  is a press secretary’s nightmare. Read here. May he rest in peace. And may she eventually shut her mouth.

Are you smarter than Slate‘s Matt Yglesias? God, let’s hope so. Take the quiz here and find out.

NYT rips Gabriel Sherman a new asshole: Still digging our way out of Sunday’s NYTJanet Maslin tears into Sherman for The LOULDEST VOICE IN THE ROOM. She writes, “If Mr. Sherman proves nothing else, it is that Mr. Ailes’s story warranted a more thoughtful telling than he has given it, or it is likely to get again anytime soon. Consider this a great wasted opportunity.”  Read the full takedown here.