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When a Democrat lies, it’s never an actual lie

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Ever notice that? When a Dem gets caught red-handed telling a lie, it’s very, very rare for the media to actually call it a lie. Even Obama’s monumental whopper — “If you like your plan, you can keep your plan” — still has its diehard defenders.

This week’s example is Texas state senator, gubernatorial candidate, and heroine of abortion enthusiasts across the country: Wendy Davis. As it turns out, she’s said a bunch of stuff about her past that isn’t true.

Well, she’s a politician. It’s to be expected. But she’s also a Democrat who’s championing one of the left’s most treasured policy goals, abortion on demand, so she must be protected.

Here was the headline when the Dallas Morning News broke the story:



Here’s a euphemism from WaPo:



And here’s yet another attempt to cloud the truth, from the same WaPo author:



Whatever you do, don’t call it what it is: a lie.

But then, this is a woman who actually tried to call herself “pro-life,” and her boosters in the media ignored it. She’s their darling, and they’re going to do whatever they deem necessary to help her get elected. Sure, they’ll report the facts when they have no other choice, but not without massaging them and then dismissing them as unimportant.

Hmmm. Remind you of anybody?

Update: Davis is blaming her opponent’s campaign for the story. At this point it’s unclear whether this is “blurry,” “fuzzy,” or a “gaffe.”





Update: Whoops.


Update: MSNBC has chosen the euphemism “embellished.”

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