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Geraldo gets in car wreck, takes a selfie…Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera collided with a taxi this morning in his Bentley. Read all about it in TheBlaze here.

Reporters manhandled by Chinese police… Fun times. As in they pushed reporters from the BBC and CNN and broke their cameras. Read Politico‘s take on it here.


Togetherness with Sam Kass and Alex Wagner…Vogue highlights the White House chef and the MSNBC host as the “it couple of the year.” If you can get past that, read here. Read all about Kass slicing seranno peppers and Wagner setting out the cheese and olives. See if you can tolerate this: “While Kass works efficiently in the kitchen, Wagner stirs the conversation.” And just like Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough (Day 11 Speechgate by the way), her agent is Ari Emanuel. Their status is derived not from being in the spotlight, this Vogue writer explains, but from apparently just being them. How cute. WTF? “The couple’s status and influence derive not from their accumulation of credentials or glittering public appearances but from their pursuit, away from the spotlight, of interesting life experiences and easygoing taste-making.”