MIT builds transparent computer display [VIDEO]

Giuseppe Macri Tech Editor
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Massachusetts Institute of Technology researches have developed a new technology that will make the next generation of computer screens transparent, affordable and fabulous.

MIT News reports the new device is called a prototype nano-particle display, and shows color images on a clear glass surface.

The surface has been covered in a silver coating in which the nano-particles have been engineered to allow only certain wavelengths of light to pass through.

“The glass will look almost perfectly transparent,” MIT Professor Marin Soljačić explained, “because most light is not of that precise wavelength” that the nano-particles are engineered to disseminate.

Spreading the particles allows the image projection to become visible the same way way laser beams show up in smoke or fog.

As a result of its simplistic design, images on the display can be viewed at any angle without the aid of mirrors, lasers, or beam splitters — all of which were previously attempted or speculated to be necessary for a transparent display.

The design also makes production cheap, and potentially available to most consumers provided they purchase already available projector technology.

Though there are no plans for mass production yet, the MIT research team behind the project claims it will be simple to adopt in the future, and could work much like tinting a piece of glass.

WATCH: MIT’s awesome transparent computer display in action

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