Pope Francis: ‘I join the March for Life in Washington with my prayers’

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Pope Francis offered his support for the 41st annual March for Life Wednesday morning.

“I join the March for Life in Washington with my prayers. May God help us respect all life, especially the most vulnerable,” Francis tweeted.


The annual March for Life is taking place in Washington, D.C. Pro-lifers will rally and then march from the National Mall to the Supreme Court to demonstrate against the 1973 Roe vs. Wade decision, which made abortion legal throughout the United States.

Francis, despite his more open rhetoric on social issues like homosexuality and his liberal views on income inequality, has spoken out against abortion since becoming pontiff.

Last month, he called abortion part of a “throwaway culture.”

“We cannot be indifferent to those suffering from hunger, especially children, when we think of how much food is wasted every day in many parts of the world immersed in what I have often termed ‘the throwaway culture,'” he said, noting that the culture is also seen in the disregard for the unborn. “For example, it is frightful even to think that there are children, victims of abortion, who will never see the light of day.”

President Obama, who some pro-lifers have deemed the Obama the most “pro-abortion” chief executive in American history, is scheduled to meet with Pope Francis in March to discuss income inequality.

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