Krauthammer on abortion: Roe decision ‘an abomination’ that subverted the democratic process [VIDEO]

Jamie Weinstein Senior Writer
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With pro-life activists demonstrating against abortion on the streets of Washington Wednesday, Charles Krauthammer took to the airways to lambast the landmark decision that he says subverted the democratic process on the issue.

“The tragedy is that all the arguments are always around the edges,” the conservative columnist said on Fox News’s “Special Report.” “There’s no way in which a democracy like ours we can actually have a vote on the real issue: whether to make it legal or not. And the tragedy is that if you look — you know, people go out on the street in Cairo and Kiev because there’s no other way to express yourself democratically. That shouldn’t happen in a democracy and yet for 40 years the only way to express yourself on abortion — on the core issue — was to go out and to march in the freezing cold. And the reason is however you feel about abortion — on the morality or the legality of it — the Roe decision was an abomination because it took it out of the democratic and political realm.”

“To quote [Supreme Court Justice] Ruth Bader Ginsberg — who obviously is a supporter of abortion rights — she said ‘the Roe decision, by stopping a political process that was moving in the reform direction, [may have] prolonged divisiveness and deferred stable settlement’ of the issue,” he continued. “That’s why you had all these people today in the freezing cold and that’s not how it ought to be done in a democracy, which is why Roe ought to be repealed.”

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