Wendy Davis’s allies at Battleground Texas mock Greg Abbott for being wheelchair-bound

Jim Treacher | Blogger

Remember when I said Wendy Davis wasn’t dumb enough to mock Greg Abbott’s disability? It was just yesterday. I’m still willing to give her the benefit of the doubt that she’s not that dumb. But some of her supporters can’t say the same, and it’s on tape.

I’d really like to know what Senator Davis thinks of the latest from Project Veritas:

We’ll be told this is being taken out of context, of course. Could you put it into the proper context, Senator Davis? And also, I hope you’ll point out the various ways this video is sexist, given the fact that you’re a woman.

Thanks in advance, Wendy!

And be glad you’re a Democrat. Otherwise, this would be considered national news.

Update: “Wendy Davis cannot run from Battleground Texas now.”


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