Man runs into burning house to save XBox

Giuseppe Macri Tech Editor
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After a Kansas man’s house caught fire early Friday morning, his first instinct was to run outside to safety.

The only problem was, he forgot to save what was clearly more valuable to him than life itself: his Xbox.

The man who was not identified in the initial ABC report bravely ran back inside the burning house to rescue his priceless piece of tech. According to fire officials the man only suffered smoke inhalation after narrowly escaping with the console.

Though the report did not identify the specific Xbox, its unlikely even the most devoted of gamers would risk their life for anything less than Microsoft’s newest model, the XBox One, which retails on average around $599 and was in short supply this holiday season.

The bold if slightly misdirected rescue accounted for at least marginal savings from the $80,000 in damages the rest of the house sustained. Fire officials believe a faulty electrical box was to blame.

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