‘The Simpsons’ put on Google Glass

Giuseppe Macri Tech Editor
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Though “The Simpsons” affinity for hilarious social commentary has been overshadowed in ratings by shows like “South Park” and “Family Guy” in recent years, the latest episode deserves some applause for saying what we’ve all been thinking about Google Glass.

“Finally, I’m not a slave to my stupid human eyeballs,” Lenny Leonard said after Mr. Burns hands out “Oogle Glasses” to the plant employees, which he uses to spy on them.

“I’m watching videos of idiots wearing these glasses and not paying attention to the world around them,” Homer said in Sunday’s episode before taking a bite out of his alarm clock instead of the sandwich next to it.

Hilariously exaggerated and surprisingly poignant, the entire episode is worth a watch if you’re thinking about picking up Google’s new wearable tech when it hits the mass consumer market.


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