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ABC’s Brian Ross ran over a pedestrian in NYC

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And yes, we’re talking about the Brian Ross who’s on TV. The NY Post didn’t just assume it’s him because he has a very common American name.

ABC correspondent Brian Ross smashed his BMW into a jaywalking pedestrian outside the network’s studios on the Upper West Side Sunday evening, authorities said.

The man he hit, a 52-year-old former taxi driver from Queens, suffered a broken left arm, bruises and back pain…

Cops said Ross, 65, was turning left from 67th Street onto Columbus Avenue at around 6 p.m. when Dati stepped into the path of his black 2013 7 Series Beemer.

Ross had the right of way, turning with the light, when he struck [Roman] Dati, law-enforcement sources said. There were no drugs or alcohol involved, police said, and no summonses or charges were filed.

So Ross was obeying the law and Dati wasn’t, which isn’t always how it happens. Regardless, pedestrians have the right of way. Here’s wishing Mr. Dati the best of luck with his recovery, both physical and emotional. And here’s hoping Ross will be more careful in the future.

To his credit, Ross did apologize to Dati for hurting him. Must be nice. I’ve been waiting almost four years now for an apology, or any truthful words at all, from the people who crippled me. I’m starting to get the feeling it’s not going to happen voluntarily…

(Hat tip: JWF)

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