Best fiancee ever surprises woman with her old teddy bear [VIDEO]

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The sweetest guy of all time surprised his fiancee Jess by restoring her childhood teddy bear for Christmas.

Vas’ fiancee had the teddy bear her entire life, but Whitey was in pieces after years of cuddling.

In the video description, Vas writes that he wanted to give Jess something better than the engagement ring he got for her in 2012.

He writes: “When I began this venture, Whitey was in two pieces (his head ripped off) and missing an ear, his nose, both eyes, and not to mention half of his stuffing was gone. So, I took him to the Secaucus Doll and Teddy Bear Hospital, and after a week, they were able to restore him to his original glory.”

The reaction on Jess’ face when she realizes that it is her long-lost teddy bear is one of complete happiness. Vas deserves lots of sex and chocolate cake.


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