Chinese employer determines bonuses by how much alcohol employees can drink

Sarah Hofmann Contributor
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A boss in the Jinhua, Zhejiang Province, China has a unique and creative approach to determining who the most valuable members of his team are.

An unnamed employee told a Chinese news source that when it came time for end-of-the-year bonuses, this boss took his employees out to a bar and placed a wad of cash on the table.

“Men were given 500 yuan ($82.65) for a shot of liquor, 200 yuan for a glass of red wine and 100 yuan for a beer,” the employee said, according to the Global Times. “Women were given twice as much money for consuming the same amounts.”

They then lined up one by one to show the boss how much they could drink.

The employees of this company were upset about it. The employee, who definitely wants to remain unnamed for fear of being labeled a square, called the act “unreasonable and inhumane.”

“I couldn’t get a bonus if I didn’t drink, but it is bad for one’s health to drink too much,” he said. “Everyone ended up drinking, and some people vomited. We worked hard all year only to learn our bonuses would be decided by our alcohol tolerance. It was absolutely unfair to people who can’t drink much.”

The employer countered the complaints by explaining that a good deal of the company’s success hinges on being able to hold liquor when entertaining its clients.

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