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Greta Van Susteren accuses Erick Erickson of being ‘so high school’

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Fox News anchor Greta Van Susteren isn’t worried about workplace dynamics and doesn’t shy away from blasting her own colleagues. She has called my boss, Tucker Carlson, who hosts “Fox & Friends Weekend”, a “pig” for publishing the vile “wombshifting” words of Mike Tyson, whom Greta recently had on her show. This week she called FNC Contributor and RedState Editor Erick Erickson “creepy” and “a jerk” for his views on Texas Democratic State Rep. Wendy Davis and and told people not to listen to him.

Colleague or not, Van Susteren doesn’t feel awkward at all. “I call them as I see them….can’t police everyone, everyplace of course,” she told The Mirror by email. “I don’t think you win a debate by demeaning women with whom you disagree  – whether it be Secretary Clinton, Governor Sarah Palin or State Senator Wendy Davis.  I think you look small. And aside from the effort to demean women, I wish all the personal insults from both sides of the political spectrum directed at men or women would stop. It is so high school.” A few minutes later she wrote back, saying, “P.S. His hero is probably Ronald Reagan. Can you imagine Ronald Reagan saying what he did? Of course not.”

Erickson did not return a request for comment by Mirror press time.

Van Susteren, in her post, also called Erickson “boorish” and “obnoxious.” And the knife twister: He’s nothing but “noise.” She explained, “This posting is not about Wendy Davis. It is not about her views. This is about a man who has pattern of being disrespectful to women,” wrote Van Susteren on her gretawire blog, launching into an attack on Erickson for  the following tweet he wrote on Jan. 1 about Davis.

ERICKSON: “So Abortion Barbie had a Sugar Daddy Ken. No exactly the bio she claimed.”

Van Susteren mined through more of his tweets and found that he mentioned attending a father-daughter dance at his church. So she bashed his father skills or lack thereof. “I see he tweets about his daughter,” wrote Greta. “When I read the above tweet I thought, I wonder how proud his daughter would be of him if she knew that he tweeted insults about women.”

On Monday night, Erickson fired back at Van Susteren by thanking her. He said he appreciated her letting someone she’s never heard of live “rent free in her head.” And added, “That Greta Van Susteren is offended by me, thinks me creepy and a jerk, and thinks I should not be listened to is of no harm or consequence to me.”

gretaerikHe went on into horror movie graphic detail about Davis’ views on abortion, writing,

“Wendy Davis believes it is perfectly acceptable to crack open a child’s skull, inject her cranium with saline, vacuum out her brains, then tear her limb from limb unstitching her from her mother’s womb even though a minute, an hour, a day, a week, or a month later she could survive outside the womb. Wendy Davis has staked her career on the right to chop a child to bits, no matter how viable the child is. The media prefers to ignore that to which Wendy Davis staked her career. They’d prefer to focus on her, as Vogue described her, “Barbie looks” and pink sneakers.”

In his last graph, he finally digs directly into Van Susteren, saying, “Thank you Greta very much for writing this post and shedding more light on Wendy Davis by making her campaign about me. I do sincerely appreciate the exposure that it might, even indirectly, expose the Cult of Death’s latest champion.”

Toward the bottom of her post, Van Susteren insults Erickson by admitting that he’s not even on her radar screen. She’d read that he contributed to CNN and now works for Fox News. She had no idea he was her colleague. Hilariously, she said his name “sounded familiar.”

Whatever you want to say about it, Van Susteren’s post elicited 1305 comments. Erickson’s piece, by comparison, garnered 118 responses.