CHILLED OUT: Teslas hit charging trouble in extreme cold

Giuseppe Macri Tech Editor
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The polar vortex winter plaguing North America is just starting to reach Norway, where Tesla owners are literally feeling the heat drain more than anyone.

News in English reports the charging cables that come standard with every Telsa are unable to charge the car’s battery in sub-zero temperatures, leaving owners stranded and powerless.

Tesla spokesman Esben Pedersen faults the Norwegian electrical grid, describing Tesla’s recharge system as “too sensitive” for the country’s system. Northern European sales chief Peter Bardenfleth-Hansen apologized to customers for the issue, and insisted the manufacturer is working to fix the problem.

Norway does use a different electrical adapter from its European and U.S. counterparts, though Tesla’s flagship Model S has yet to undergo significant testing in sub-zero temperatures in countries outside of Norway, where the car is popular for its unprecedented handling capability in snow.

Contributors to the forum describe plugging the car in to charge and finding the charging operation to have stopped shortly after. Some have also faulted the company for reacting to the problem with unsatisfactory customer service.

Additional winter problems have been popping up on the Tesla Motors Club public forum, including parking sensors reacting to snow, starter failure, fogging windows, and battery drain from running the heat. Some users even suggested wearing heavy winter coats inside the car on long drives as opposed to running the cabin heat to conserve battery power.

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