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Treacher’s Official 2014 State of the Union Drinking Game

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It’s real easy to do. Check it out.

  1. Promptly at 9 PM EST, turn on the nearest television set and watch absolutely anything except Obama lying for another 90 minutes. Why bother? Any notable mistruths, half-truths, transparently phony promises, cynical distractions, and other Obamanian horsecrap will be thoroughly catalogued for you within hours, if not minutes. Provided you have an Internet connection, of course. And if you don’t, how are you reading this?
  2. Have a few beers if you feel like doing so. Maybe some wine, if you don’t have any beer. (Shots? Hey, it’s your Wednesday morning. I’m not here to tell you how to live your life.)

That’s it. Be careful out there tonight, kids!

P.S. It’s been four years now, so I guess I should finally admit: It was me.

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Jim Treacher