Jail staff forget about woman in cell, wrongly imprisoned her for 5 months

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A 34-year-old Indiana woman who received a two-day jail sentence for failing a drug test was instead released after spending a full five months behind bars — all because jail staff forgot about her.

Destiny Hoffman was cited for diluting the results of a drug test, earning a two-day stint in jail under the Clark County Drug Court Treatment Program in Clark County, Indiana. But Judge Jerry Jacobi evidently forgot to issue her release orders, according to the News and Tribune.

As a result, Hoffman remained behind bars for five months before a deputy prosecutor realized the mistake and ordered her to be release.

She was summoned to appear before a hearing, where Special Judge Steve Fleece apologized, calling her extended incarceration “a big screw up.”

When Fleece asked Hoffman why she never attempted to alert jail officials to the error, she declined to comment. (RELATED: Video: Necessary force? Police hold man down, beat him with baton)

The county is expected to drop all drug possession charges against Hoffman. She is also expected to file suit.

The Drug Treatment Program was mired in controversy even before Hoffman’s ordeal. Two drug court employees have been accused of wrongdoing, and may face charges.

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