Democrat who beat up woman for refusing sex still serving in legislature… behind bars

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A Massachusetts Democratic state lawmaker who is serving time in prison for beating a woman when she refused to have sex with him continues to serve in the state legislature.

State Representative Carlos Henriquez of Dorchester was sentenced to six months in prison on January 15 after a jury convicted him of beating a woman he had been dating after she would not have sex with him.

Despite a chorus of calls for him to step down — including from Democrats like Gov. Deval Patrick and House Speaker Robert A. DeLeo — and threats of expulsion, Henriquez has refused to abandon his position.

According to a Boston Herald report, Henriquez is continuing to conduct business from behind bars, speaking with his staff at least “once a day.”

“We’ve been in regular contact with him, and at this point he’s concerned with the issues of the district,” Henriquez aide Jessica DaSilva told the Herald, saying that he also has been reviewing budget amendments.

For Henriquez to be expelled from the legislature, the House Ethics Committee must make a recommendation to the House, which would then vote on it. Wednesday, Henriquez appeared before the House Ethics Committee in handcuffs.

Henriquez is appealing his conviction, according to the Boston Globe. His attorney is questioning the verdict due to the fact that the jury was all white.

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