Dennis Rodman offers to take Kenneth Bae’s place in North Korean prison [VIDEO]

Vince Coglianese Editorial Director
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Dennis Rodman says he still doesn’t know why American Kenneth Bae is in a North Korean prison camp, but he would readily trade places with the man if North Korea asked for it.

Speaking from a rehab facility, Rodman told CNN’s “New Day” Friday morning that he’s prepared to offer himself in exchange for Bae.

“But dealing with the Bae family, you know, like I said, I feel for them,” Rodman said. “I feel for them deeply. But I don’t — if it was — like I said — put it like this — I would do anything. I would do anything, literally. This is Dennis Rodman talking. If they said, ‘We’ll take Dennis Rodman and we’ll let Kenneth Bae go,’ I’d say, ‘You know what, I’ll do that.’ Straight ahead, I’d do it. Take me.”

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