Of course Rob Ford defended Justin Bieber

Taylor Bigler Entertainment Editor
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Of course crack-smoking Toronto Mayor Rob Ford defended Justin Bieber.

The Canadian politician came to the defense of his fellow countryman who was recently arrested for drunk driving after a Washington, D.C., radio station accurately called him “Canada’s worst export.”

Ford told The Associated Press Thursday, “Well, you know what, he’s a young guy. At 19 years old, I wish I was as successful as he was. He’s 19 years old, guys. Think back to when you were 19.”

Ford doesn’t have to think back to when he was 19 to remember doing dumb stuff, of course. He just has to go back in the archives to a few months ago to when he was recorded smoking crack in the midst of a “drunken stupor.”

Last week, Bieber was arrested for driving under the influence in Miami. There was alcohol, Xanax and marijuana in his blood at the time. Earlier this week, he turned himself in to Toronto and charged with one count of assault for hitting a limo driver in the back of the head.

As of Friday afternoon, Bieber’s plane en route to the Super Bowl was being held in New Jersey and searched for marijuana, NBC News reports.

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