Obama personally signed fundraising email referring to Washington, D.C. as a ‘state’

Patrick Howley Political Reporter
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President Barack Obama sent a weary email to supporters Saturday that referred to Washington, D.C. as a “state.”

Obama’s fundraising email Sunday for the Democratic National Committee muses that “The Congress we elect this fall will be the last one I’ll ever work with.”

The email, which basically amounted to a 115-word tired sigh, was regionally targeted. The version sent to people in the District of Columbia (which links to a DNC fundraising page showing a map of the nation’s capital) said that “we’re counting on Democrats from every corner of the state to pitch in – and we still need 153 people from Washington. Will you be one of them?”

The District of Columbia is not one of the 50 U.S. states.

“Before my time in office is done, I want to be able to fix our broken immigration system, ensure equal pay for equal work for women, and pass commonsense budgets that do right by middle class families. But to do those things, I need a Congress that is willing to work with me. And for that, I need your help,” Obama said.

“The Congress we elect this fall will be the last one I’ll ever work with,” Obama said. “Please chip in $10 or more to start 2014 strong.”

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