SNL spoofs GOP congressman’s confrontation with reporter [VIDEO]

Heather Hunter Contributor
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Saturday Night Live’s guest host Melissa McCarthy made a convincing female version of New York Republican Rep. Michael Grimm who threatened to throw a New York television reporter off a balcony after the State of the Union last Tuesday.

In the SNL parody Saturday night, McCarthy plays freshman Congresswoman Sheila Kelly who loses it on a Delaware television reporter.

“You ever been thrown out a window, bro?” McCarthy asks. “Because you know what? Because when I do it, I don’t open it first. So you go down with the glass. You get that?”

She continues to threaten the reporter: ” You’re not a man. You’re a little baby. You’re a little baby and I am going to put you in a stroller and buckle you up and throw you down a flight of stairs.”

“And this isn’t The Untouchables. Andy Garcia isn’t going to come sliding in and saving you.” she says as she pushes the reporter aside.

McCarthy then descends on the camera man and smashes the television camera — then spots a passerby with a camera and chases him into a garage.

She continues her violent crusade by kicking cars and pulling out a gun shooting security cameras.

The sketch ends when she attacks two policemen and steals their police car.

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