Justin Bieber sex tape imminent, unfortunately

Taylor Bigler Entertainment Editor
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I really hate to break it to you guys, but the release of a sex tape starring Justin Bieber, 19, is imminent.

According to the most annoying blogger in the world, Perez Hilton, surveillance footage of Bieber engaged in some — uh — compromising positions with Australian strippers will hit the Internet soon unless Bieber pays a “small fortune.”

In the video, Bieber is allegedly “with two strippers during which he spanks their bums and pulls off their panties with his teeth,” which is a phrase that is really upsetting to my imagination.

(Dear Bieber: For the love of God, please allow this person to extort you so nobody has to see that and uses screenshots from the tape in any and all stories about you for the rest of your life, which is obviously what would happen.)

The news of the alleged tape comes a week or so after Bieber was busted for driving under the influence.

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