PETA gets upset about Joe Namath’s outrageous fur coat, obviously

Sarah Hofmann Contributor
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Broadway Joe Namath didn’t disappoint in swagger when he did the coin toss for Super Bowl XLVIII. He strutted to the field wearing a huge fur coat, predictably enraging PETA members everywhere.

PETA tweeted at Namath saying, “The fur on your massive coat was meant for ANIMALS 🙁 Please consider FAUX!” along with a picture of a fox. They also later tweeted out a picture of skinned animals with the text, “Here’s the REST of your fur coat.”

They retweeted all the anti-coat tweets they could find and oscillated between tweeting about Namath and talking about the animals used in many of the Super Bowl commercials. Namath has not responsed to PETA or the public in general about his coat.


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