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Which bald ‘congressman’ do you prefer?

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Don’t let the baseball cap fool you. Pablo Kleinman is a bald Republican running for Congress. His opponent is Rep. Brad Sherman (D-Calif.), also bald, who is 500k in debt after his costly and brutal bid for reelection to Congress against Rep. Howard Berman, a fellow Democrat, in 2012.

So which bald guy do you prefer — Kleinman, a self-described “new generation Republican” or Sherman, a geeky accountant who likes to pass out little red combs to would-be constituents as a campaign goof on his hairdo.

A little on Kleinman: Born in Argentina, he owns an online travel guide and guest hosts on Univision. He believes in individual choice on abortion and gay marriage. He’s worldly — he studied at London Business School and earned his MBA at HEC School of Management in Paris. According to a Los Angeles Times story published Sunday, Kleinman, 42, lives with his Labradoodle, Milton, in Sherman Oaks.

A little on Sherman: He was elected to Congress in 1997. He’s the son of Lane and Maurice Hyman (no joke) Sherman. He’s smart — he earned his J.D. from Harvard and was also an instructor for the school’s international tax program. He’s a big supporter of LGBT rights and is a member of the LGBT Equality Caucus. Sherman, 59, has three kids with his wife, Lisa Nicole Kaplan, whom he met on JDate. His username, according to The Hill, was “jim2005ofDC.” The New York Times writeup of their wedding, which took place at a ranch in Malibu, made no mention of JDate or “Hyman” being part of the family name.

The district is solidly Democrat, so it’s unlikely Kleinman has a serious shot.