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Barbara Comstock has snagged endorsements from people like conservative radio host Mark Levin and places like the American Conservative Union PAC in her Republican bid for Congress in Virginia.

But an opposition research book drafted by an opponent and obtained by The Daily Caller reveals that she will likely come under fire in Virginia’s 10th congressional district race over the question of whether she is conservative enough.

Comstock — running to replace longtime Rep. Frank R. Wolf representing a Northern Virginia seat — is a Virginia state delegate who has worked in a variety of Republican staffer positions. She famously led investigations into the Clintons on the House Committee on Government Reform and Oversight in the 1990s.

Her GOP opponents are expected to hit her over her history in D.C.

An overview of the opposition research book on Comstock says “she epitomizes a person who is only driven by a political machine” and says “she completely represents what the new conservative movement, led by Mike Lee, Ted Cruz, Walker, etc, is moving away from.”

The book hits Comstock on lobbying for the “Liberal Hollywood Film Industry” and supporting the late Sen. Arlen Specter, the Republican senator who switched to the Democratic Party in 2009. It goes as far to point out that Comstock began her congressional career as an intern for the late liberal Massachusetts Sen. Ted Kennedy.

On the issues, the book hits Comstock for voting against an amendment in the Virginia House to remove the coercive elective abortion mandate from Obamacare healthcare exchanges in Virginia. It also says she took money from “donors pushing amnesty” and calls her a “major defender of the PATRIOT Act.”

Read the whole opposition book:

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