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Mag claims U.S. should throw Knox to the Italian wolves 

“We may never know if Amanda Knox committed murder, but the US should hand her over if Italy asks.” — The New Republic.


David Frum tantalized by Josh Rogin’s face 

“Tantalizing: at DCA Terminal A, seeing @joshrogin face on CNN monitor over a chiron about Syria … but there’s no sound to hear him!” — Conservative writer David Frum.

Email to The Mirror Mailbox: “BLANK is a weird little compulsive masturbator. Only in Washington would he be considered cool.”

Confessional 1. 

“Angel of death comes on in the bar. I immediately decide this is my spot.” — BuzzFeed Washington Bureau Chief John Stanton.

Conservative journo praises Ben Smith 

“For a guy who is supposedly hell bent on destroying conservative media. @BuzzfeedBen sure hires good people & publishes diverse opinions.” — RedState‘s Ben Howe.

Reporter claims cluelessness on flirting 

“I have never flirted with any of you, and if you were flirting with me I didn’t pick up on it.” — National Journal health care reporter Sam Baker. He was reacting to this story.

Clay Aiken’s chances for Congress…

“Clay Aiken has a better chance of winning a Congressional seat than he did of winning American Idol.” — WaPo‘s Chris Cillizza.

After more than 30 years at NBC4, she’s leaving

“I guess I’m making news today. I’ve decided after 30+ yrs at NBC4 it’s time for new explorations away from the camera starting this summer.” — NBC Washington consumer reporter Liz Crenshaw.

Meghan McCain hates driving 

“How logical is it to live in LA w/out a car and just cab/bike/bus everywhere? Because my problem with car shopping is that I hate driving.” — Meghan McCain, daughter of Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.).

Confessional 2. 

“Realization that you cannot ever truly know what happened = tiny knife in the heart.” — Matt Zoller Seitz, New York Magazine TV critic, on the Woody Allen, Dylan Farrow saga.

Idea for consideration: The Punching Bag intern/assistant

“Question: Every politician shld have one intern/assistant just around to be fired/blamed for social media goof. Title for this position?” — Talking Points Memo Editor Josh Marshall.

imagesThe horror of the word “whore” 

On Monday The Mirror really goofed. Despite listening to MSNBC “The Cycle” host Abby Huntsman discuss the “horror” of her 2-year-old self, what came out repeatedly sounded like “whore.” What I heard: “I was SUCH a whore.” What she actually said: “I was SUCH a horror,” My sincere apologies to Huntsman for mis-hearing her and reaching a wrong conclusion.

Question to bosses: Can  Joan Walsh be The Daily Caller mascot? 

“The Daily Caller, a right wing kind of scandal website.” — Salon‘s Joan Walsh in a description of The Daily Caller on MSNBC Monday afternoon.

NYT publicist says the newspaper’s reporter doesn’t believe MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough was going easy on friend of the show Chris Christie

“Kate [Zernike] thinks Scarborough was genuinely trying to understand what Christie has said before on the issue and how it related to the letter [from Wildstein’s attorney],” New York Times communications director Danielle Rhoades Ha told TPM in an email. Read the full story here.

Journo mad at Philip Seymour Hoffman 

“I am so angry, if that in any way makes sense, at Philip Seymour Hoffman.” — The Federalist’s Senior Editor Mollie Hemingway.

rightscoopThe Right Scoop becomes ‘Right Poop’ 

“Lol. More genius headlines from The Right Poop.” — Mediaite‘s Andrew Kirell, reacting to The Right Scoop’s tweet shown here.

MSNBC host goes on the attack against Chris Christie

“Hilarious for Christie folks to call it ‘David Wildstein’s scheme to close lanes on the GWB.’ THE ORDER CAME FROM YOUR DEPUTY COS!” — MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, who may not want to go to New Jersey anytime soon.