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Slate’s Dave Weigel reminisces about JournoList at 1:30 a.m.

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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He’s sorry. He’s not sorry. He’s sorry. He’s not sorry.

Have it his way. Slate‘s Dave Weigel is NOT SORRY about the whole JournoList scandal, despite offering a speedy apology after he was outed as a lister and for saying Matt Drudge should die in a fire amid other pithy “Paltard” comments. While I was writing up my story, he promised to get back to me with a comment within minutes. Meanwhile, he was lying through his teeth and trying to beat me to the punch by posting an apology before I could publish my story. He did not succeed.

With Weigel, JournoList was more a lingering love affair than a shameful one-night stand with a woman who shops at Zulily. And he still can’t quite get over her. Early this morning at 1:30 a.m., he rattled on about his brilliant liberal journalist “friend” Ezra Klein in a rant that made clear one thing (at least in Weigel’s mind): There is nothing wrong with liberal journalists convening and ironing out their talking points.

He put it like this: “The long-term irony of the JournoList scandal is that the silly theory that Ezra Klein CONTROLLED THE MEDIA survived, while the right/libertarians/etc never realized that an email list connecting a bunch of journalists with academics might be good for all parties. Uh-oh– that would be COORDINATION.”

Read Weigel’s fake apology cover-his-ass letter here.

See his full Facebook post below.