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Liz Hurley denies year-long affair with President Clinton… Hurley is calling the claims “ludicrously silly.” The Mirror (the London newspaper) wrote the news with the following brazen headline: “Elizabeth Hurley had ‘year long affair with President bill-clinton-liz-hurley-affair-secret-tapes-3-wideClinton – flying to White House for secret sex.” Hurley tweeted that the situation is in the hands of her lawyer. Uh oh. Read here and here. RadarOnline broke the story in what they’re calling a “blockbuster exclusive.” Their story states that the story was a joint investigation with the GLOBE. Both pubs were given an audio tape of actor Tom Sizemore, who claims to have set up Hurley and Clinton. See here.

The latest on Mia Farrow, Dylan Farrow, and Woody Allen…Mia is, of course, claiming this isn’t about her, but rather her daughter’s “truth.” Read here.

Philip Seymour Hoffman gave NYT‘s David Carr his phone number…They had things in common, like addiction. Carr spells it out in an essay for Medium. A graph: “Chemical dependency does not change — have one and you might die — and recovery does not change — have none and you might live. Addicts live between those two poles, but the hole that they once tried to fill with chemicals always remains, pushed back on a daily basis. Addiction, whether you believe it is a disease or not, is a pirate, constantly on patrol and looking for a weakness so it can climb aboard.” Carr wrote casually on Twitter, “Mulled Hoffman’s death over coffee yesterday. Opened Medium and jotted thoughts. 34K readers later, am stunned.” Read here.

Rep. Steve Cohen thinks it’s stupid to equate pot and heroin… Rep. Steve Cohen (D-Tenn.) always knows just what to say. In a hearing Tuesday, he urged drug officials, such as deputy drug czar Michael Botticelli, to get their heads out of their asses. He said, “It is ludicrous, absurd, crazy to have marijuana in the same level as heroin. Ask the late Philip Seymour Hoffman, if you could. Nobody dies from marijuana. People die from heroin.” See the full story on HuffPost here.

A cute story about Law & Order SVU star Mariska Hargitay getting confused for a younger version of her older, uglier self...Read here.