California investor pens plan to divide Golden State into six different states

Maggie Knors Contributor
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California’s burgeoning population of 38 million makes the Golden State “ungovernable” and leaves many residents without proper representation, according to Tim Draper, multimillionaire investor.

“California, as it is, is ungovernable. We need our state governments to be local to us,” Draper said in an email to The Washington Times. “We need our state governments to be local to us.”

California could split into six possible states: Silicon Valley, West California, South California, Central California, North California and Jefferson. Draper hopes to have this issue on the November 2014 ballot.

However, the plans could cause economic divide. Legislative analysis for the amendment showed two states becoming richer while the other four became poorer.

Organizers need one million signatures and the approval of both Congress and California voters. Questions about water supply, university systems and social institutions must also be resolved.

The plan would make Silicon Valley the nation’s richest state, behind Washington, D.C. Property taxes and revenue would be spilt unequally as well. But according to Draper, the proposed poorer “states” (Central California and Jefferson) support his measure the most, since the current formula is not helping them.

The proposal would allow California twelve representatives. It is not clear whether or not a state can be split within its own borders.

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Maggie Knors