Escaped convict caught… 2326 miles and 37 years later

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San Diego police have apprehended a female convict who escaped from a Michigan prison some 37 years ago.

Judy Lynn Hayman was living under an alias, but confessed her true identity after police questioned her. She is now 60 years old, and has a 32-year-old son who was totally unaware of her criminal past, according to ABC 10 news.

Hayman was convicted of larceny in 1976. She was sentenced to serve between 16 months and two years. After serving 10 months, she escaped a correctional facility in Wayne County, Michigan.

She was living in the Balboa Park neighborhood of San Diego at the time of her capture.

Hayman will be extradited to Michigan. It is currently unknown whether she will have to serve out the rest of her sentence.

The circumstances of Hayman’s escape and re-arrest are bizarrely similar to those surrounding Susan LeFevre, another escaped convict from a Michigan prison who was found in San Diego. LeFevre was re-arrested in 2008, after evading police for more than 30 years. She had served one year of a 10-20 year sentence. After her re-arrest, she ended up serving just one more year in prison.

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