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“The Observer

“Police are apparently tracking down Philip Seymor Hoffman’s dealers. Great but… would this have been done for a non-celeb? Prob not.” – Writer and commentator A.J. Delgado.


Disappointed righty…

“Disappointed to hear that some on our side don’t want @BenHowe ‘s film to receive attention. With conservatives like these who needs left?” — TheBlazeDana Loesch. Ben Howe writes for RedState and is a filmmaker.

Existential encouragement 

“Everything’s going to be all right.” — Tony Fratto, political strategist, CNBC contributor and Georgetown prof.


HELP! BuzzFeeder’s Internet threatens to disable 

“LORD JESUS MY CABLE JUST BLINKED DONT LET THIS STORM TAKE MY INTERNET AMEN” — BuzzFeed reporter Tracy Clayton (a.k.a. Brokey McPoverty).

Just throwing it out there…

“Anybody in China or who has been there recently know if you can access Gmail regularly?” — TWT‘s Jessica Chasmar.

A This Town sort of humblebrag 

“Getting the last word on @TheLastWord tonight.” — Vox Media’s Ezra Klein.

A dickish question

“It’s last Friday. Someone asks you to name the best actor of our time. How many of you would have said Philip Seymour Hoffman. Honestly.” — Commentary‘s John Podhoretz.

That alleged affair between Liz Hurley and Bill Clinton

“Brits, French & Italians getting excited on twitter about Bill Clinton/Liz Hurley allegations (which she’s denied). Few in US seem to care.” — The Sunday TimesToby Harnden.

And this…the ‘silver lining’  

“Lots of honest conversations about drug abuse and sexual trauma happening since this weekend. The silver lining.” — New York Magazine TV critic Matt Zoller Seitz, who apparently has read all the deeply conflicting stories on the Woody Allen, Dylan Farrow saga, in which someone is definitely not in touch with reality.



Conversation Between Two Journalists 

This afternoon’s conversation is between TheBlaze’s T. Becket Adams and Free Beacon’s Bill McMorris. 

ADAMS: “@FBillMcMorris: Guy on CNN says your skin will wrinkle and you’ll lose your teeth if you keep smoking. Why of [sic] why don’t you stop?”

MCMORRIS: “@BecketAdams Why oh why don’t you spell check”

ADAMS: “Because it’s for the week [sic].”


Overheard in the Newsroom

“I’m done with all this stupid bullshit.” — The Daily Caller‘s Patrick Howley.

“Bird blood will make you fat.” — Anonymous.

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