See why Sochi’s a nightmare

Sarah Hofmann Contributor
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Even though the Winter Olympics opening ceremony is happening Friday, members of the media have been tweeting non-stop about how Sochi is in no way prepared for surge of people who have been arriving to the Russian resort town.

A major problem appears to be a lack of rooms in general, despite most outlets having made reservations well in advance. CNN’s Harry Reekie tweeted that his network had booked 11 rooms months in advance. When they arrived, only one was ready or available at all. It’s condition wasn’t great either.


The Guardian’s Moscow correspondent Shaun Walker ran into a locked fire door when the elevator was broken and had to take the stairs to his floor. The National Post’s Bruce Arthur tweeted a picture of a woman painting the grass outside Fish Stadium green and lamented the lack of hot water.


Stacy St. Clair live tweeted the whole ideal of questionable water in her hotel.



There were multiple tweets about doorknobs coming off in one’s hand and light fixtures crashing from the ceiling. Outside of just the hotel realm, it seems the city had other problems. The Detroit Free Press’ Jo-Ann Barnas shared a picture of a not-quite-so-finished promenade.

Plus, the minor detail that on top of this, they’re killing all the stray dogs and puppies, like these ones.

For shame, Russia. For shame.

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