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A sweet Jewish grandma warns her gay grandson about going to Russia…Listen here on Slate.

More pieces of the PSH puzzle come together…The weirdest line of this story is Philip Seymour Hoffman was at Sundance and a woman who didn’t recognize him asked what he did. He replied, “I’m a heroin addict.” Read the full NYT story here. And if you didn’t see it, read Aaron Sorkin‘s obit on PSH here.

BuzzFeed makes fun of OK Cupid hacker, then tries to hire him…Here on Medium, he explains why he won’t be accepting an offer. See here.

A hilarious first-person story about a reporter who sought an exorcism… Read The Daily Beast story here.

The exodus at National Review continues…See the story by Politico‘s Hadas Gold. One thing she didn’t mention: National Review is the middle of a defamation lawsuit that doesn’t look like it’s ending anytime soon.

Brace yourselves: An extremely frightening graphic of possible presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton over at EsquireVisit here.