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Obamacare will give people more time with their families. Why do you hate families?

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Remember when creating jobs was a good thing? Well, that was before the Democrats realized that Obamacare is not going to do that, and will, in fact, do the opposite of that.

And so we have this week’s Democrat dilemma: How to spin this latest disastrous development — a big surprise to, oh, anybody who hasn’t been paying attention for the last five years — into a good thing? And how to blame Republicans for wanting more jobs? And most importantly, how to look like a real schmuck while doing so?

It’ll be said many times, many ways, but for sheer partisan tedium, it’s tough to sink lower than Media Matters’ Eric Boehlert:

Usually, reporters (or whatever Boehlert is) chuckle at the euphemism of “spending more time with my family.” But not when it’s being used to desperately protect their most treasured left-wing agenda item.

Along similar lines, here’s another nugget of dumbness:

See? You teabaggers are forcing people to get jobs to pay for things, removing their liberty to follow their dreams! You’re forcing them to pursue their happiness!

And this will work. People will fall for it. If you doubt me, just look back at the last five years.

There’s one born every minute. And another one born who’ll end up paying that kid’s way for life.


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Jim Treacher