Why I’m running for governor of Tennessee

Mark 'Coonrippy' Brown Candidate for Governor of Tennessee
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After the confiscation of our beloved raccoon Rebekah by the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency back in July, Connie any I launched a nationwide campaign to free her from her captors. Rebekah was not pulled from her mothers tit and forced into life a life with us. Rebekah’s mother was brutally murdered by two high school students at the command of their teacher, not knowing that she had orphaned three babies inside the campus FFA chicken coop.

We were called to rescue one of the siblings that made its way into the hands of a caring student.

Roughly two months after caring for this orphan, the TWRA came like a thief in the night and took her from us. Shortly afterwards we went to the media and told our story. Shortly after that we were contacted by State Representatives who offered their help in anyway possible.

Then a nationwide campaign was launched to free Rebekah, with thousands of signatures being sent to Governor Bill Haslam’s office, only to be returned unopened and unread.

Some were answered with a typical form letter. Not only was this aggravating to us, but to the entire United States as well. All eyes were on Tennessee.

Emails that I have personally written to the governor’s office were never answered, thousands took to the governor’s Facebook page only to be ignored. I understand that Bill Haslam is a busy man, but someone in his office updates it daily, someone reads his emails, someone opened his mail, someone looked out the window of Capitol Hill and saw the protest. Why didn’t someone on his staff let him know what was happening?

After getting back with my State Reps in Jan 2014, I got basically the same runaround that we have gotten since July 2013. It was then I decided to make the people of Tennessee aware that their voices are only heard during an election year. Nor more lies, no more deception. We the People do and will have a voice in government.

My campaign for Governor of Tennessee is not about winning the election, its about making politicians aware that the voting public is sick of the smoke and mirrors game they play with our true emotions, we elect them to hear the cries of the meek, but they only hear the voices of the proud.

Our own George Washington once said, “it is in an especial manner our duty as a people, with devout reverence and affectionate gratitude, to acknowledge our many and great obligations to Almighty God.”

America claims to be a Christian nation but yet we still kill more than 2,000 babies a day — my brothers this ought not be so

I want Tennessee to be a role model, a mentor, for the remaining 49 states. A state that all others look up to, a state that they want to become. A state based on good morals, and good character.

My closing words to all elected officials in Tennessee, from the local level all the way to the State Capitol…

If you consider yourself a leader, look behind you, if no one is following you’re not leading anyone.

God Bless America, again,

Mark Coonrippy Brown

Mark 'Coonrippy' Brown