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And here’s Mary Katharine Ham on The View [VIDEO]

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They had Dana Loesch as a guest-host the day before, as part of their Legion of Doom exchange program or whatever, and I was able to sit through a whole 6 minutes of The View in a row. Let’s see how MKH fares:

“We know you’re conservative, and we love to point that out because we hate everything you stand for, not being intelligent or self-aware enough to understand it.” Well done, Baba.

And of course, the Vaccine Lady had an excellent question: Has having a baby made you more of a fan of big government? Because how could it not?

But they treated her slightly better than they did Loesch, probably because of those great baby pictures. It’s pretty tough to demonize somebody holding a cute little baby while dressed up like Daenerys from Game of Thrones.

MKH really nailed the most important part of the job: not falling asleep while Barbara Walters is talking. I hope the producers keep that in mind, assuming this was a tryout.

Well done, MKH! Like Andrew Breitbart said, we’re not going to convince more people of our point of, ahem, view if we only talk to each other. It’s good to have likable, articulate spokesmen and -women out there in the wider media, helping to disprove all the dehumanizing lies about us and what we believe.

And better that it’s awesome chicks like Loesch and Ham than, say, schlubs like me. These things are better left to the professionals.

(Video courtesy of Right Sightings)