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BOLD QUOTE OF THE DAY: “Reagan DCA airport smells like bacon this morning. I’m not mad about it.” — CNN “Crossfire” host S.E. Cupp.

The Media Critic 

@brianstelter @farhip @NBCNews DC’s NBC affiliate spent 2 days on rabid dogs but morning shows are peaches n cream n don’t we heart skaters — longtime Hill flack Vincent Morris, Communications Director for the U.S. Senate Appropriations Committee.

Is gonzo journalism alive and well in Washington? 

“The Free Beacon has quietly become the Harry’s Bar of crackerjack conservative gonzos.” — David Foster, formerly of National Review.

The fun never stops at MSNBC

“An MSNBC host said this: “there’s a zeal, on the right, to be able to call someone a racist, and it’s almost an emotional release .” — Charles C. Cooke, National Review.


Speaking of former National Review reporters…

“In 2 months, National Review DC bureau has been hollowed out — Costa, Stiles, Trinko, Strong, all gone. Up to you now @woodruffbets” — Slate‘s Dave Weigel. Replied National Review‘s Betsy Woodruff: “#YOLO.”

Modern Day Journalism

“The present: news org tweets link to reporter’s story, then retweeted by said reporter, then retweeted by reporter’s significant other.” — TIME‘s Mark Halperin.

Journo has some really weird fun with Sochi 

“The best part of the Sochi Games so far is being so sick that I don’t know if I’m going to puke or poo again next. Also, I’m not in Sochi.” — Brian Hickey, WHYY’s

BuzzFeed may have reached the zenith of lists you don’t give a f–k about: “25 Ridiculous Gum Flavors You Didn’t Know Existed.”

Editing woes

“Every time I have to enforce the tyrannical serial comma rule I die slowly and painfully inside.” — BuzzFeed Washington Bureau Chief John Stanton.

Story I’m afraid to click on but I have to…


SHOE ENVY, BUT WHY? “Fun hanging out w/@JennyMcCarthy behind the scenes. The shoes she wore today on @theviewtv are fierce!” — CNN Contributor Ana Navarro.


PAYING TRIBUTE TO THE MAN RESPONSIBLE FOR HIS JOB AT NBC: “Tonight belongs to @jayleno the man who made my grandpa 1 happy fellow by booking Cindy Crawford in 1993.” — NBC’s Luke Russert


WONKDOGS: “My dogs appear to have taken a back-to-school photo. In the 80s.” — Vox Media’s Ezra Klein with the accompanying picture.