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A Little Birdy Tells Me…

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger

Next up on the potential Breitbart News chopping block: Larry O’Connor, who also hosts WMAL’s morning radio program. Mysteriously, his byline hasn’t been seen for two months. In addition, his Twitter bio makes zero mention of Breitbart News. Wouldn’t a writer be proud to say where he or she worked?

Well, where is O’Connor’s byline?

According to sources associated with the outlet who wish to remain anonymous, O’Connor has been crawling across glass (so to speak) to get out of his contract, and if the stars align just right it may soon happen. Officially, he has worked for the company since the first day that Big Hollywood launched in 2009. He originally wrote under the pseudonym “Stage Right.” He has been paid and under contract since January 2010. The contract, signed by most who work there, does not allow him to write for any other publication.

O’Connor, who declined to comment for this post, isn’t alone in his desperation to get out. The Mirror hears there are others whose contracts are keeping “miserable people” locked up there.

Word on the street is that Executive Chairman Steve Bannon is angling to get some of the people hired by the late Andrew Breitbart out and bring in his own hires. As a source put it, “It isn’t Andrew’s company anymore, it’s Bannon’s.”