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BREAKING: BuzzFeed Bureau Chief has change of heart on popular herb  

“Guys, I think I might like cilantro again.” — BuzzFeed‘s John Stanton.

Observation of the Day from Sochi: “I wish my gym offered speed-skating classes. It looks so cool.” — The New Republic‘s Julia Ioffe from Sochi, Russia.

Click-bait alert: “Yep, Lauren Conrad has revealed her favorite “position”” — US WEEKLY, which annoyingly offers up a very G-rated answer.

A reporter’s life 

“”NEW: I just spoke with @IceJJFish on the phone who called me a ‘dumbass.'” — TheBlaze‘s Oliver Darcy, fighting with a rapper over a terrible video.

A 3-year-old’s ploy to stay up later

“When 3 year old couldn’t think of any other reasons to not go to sleep, said he needed a bandaid for his chin.” — WTOP’s Neal Augenstein.

Deep Thoughts With Glenn Greenwald

“Nothing makes you appreciate the human capacity for deep irrationality like being the subject of evidence-free conspiracy theories.” — The Intercept‘s Greenwald.

Serious question to ask yourself

“What kind of consequences will I suffer socially for having missed by which I mean actively ignored the whole Flappy Birds thing?” — BuzzFeed‘s White House corresponded Evan McMorris-Santoro.


“Watching your Uber driver get lost on the way to pick you up is almost as stressful as watching someone overfill your Chipotle burrito.” — Jezebel‘s Erin Ryan.

“Thank you post office for delivering this wonderful junk mail on Sunday.” — BuzzFeed‘s Benny Johnson.

“Best line of weekend: He was the kind of guy invited for 5 days but my mom always drove him to the airport by the third night.” — Vanity Fair‘s Maureen Orth.

From a Clinton insider…

“Politics about the future, not the past; about voters’ lives, not politicians.’ Thus the personal attacks on Clintons will fail.” — CNN Democratic Commentator Paul Begala.