Crack-smoking, breast-ogling school counselor tried to send penis pics to underage student [VIDEO]

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A guidance counselor at a school in Okeechobee County, Fla. was arrested late Friday night on a bevy of impressive charges

County sheriff’s deputies initially arrested guidance counselor Brad Guyton Mims after a female student complained to officials at Okeechobee Freshman Campus that he was “creeping” her out, reports local CBS affiliate WPEC.

Specifically, the 15-year old charged, Mims spent way too much time gawking at her breasts.

The girl also said Mims, 47, had hit her up with a Facebook message on Tuesday.

School officials contacted the sheriff’s office. Detectives responded with a sting operation. They posed as the girl and engaged in a social media conversation with Mims. Over the next two days, the cops say, Mims discussed sex with the detectives and sent photos of his penis. (Cops say he also noted his desire to have the messages deleted.)

Things really got interesting when investigators paid a visit to Mims’s house. They found 17 crack pipes, five grams of crack cocaine, 10 images of apparently underage girls, and one bong. There was also a trio of pistols, a camcorder and some sexual aids.

The cops say Mims admitted to the sexting, according to WPEC.

Mims also allegedly told investigators that he made a more successful exchange with a different girl who sent him some topless photos.

It’s not clear if these images are the 10 seized images.

Before becoming a guidance counselor, Mims had been an elementary school teacher in the Okeechobee school system.

Mims faces a raft of charges including transmission of material harmful to a minor, possession of crack cocaine, and possession of illegal drug paraphernalia.

The guidance counselor has been banned from Okeechobee Freshman Campus pending a personnel investigation. It is not clear if he will receive his salary during the investigation.


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