Flowerpot-wearing Australian attempts robbery with a chainsaw

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An Australian teenager has been charged with armed robbery after trying to rob a 7-Eleven with a chainsaw during a drunken escapade, all while wearing a flowerpot on his head, according to Northern Star News.

Leichhardt teen Steven Frank Steele entered the 7-Eleven at around 4:30 a.m. wearing the pot on his head in a crude attempt to conceal his identity. He was brandishing a running chainsaw.

The two workers fled into a back room, and Steele then allegedly used the chainsaw to damage a window and some display racks, before baring his buttocks to store attendants.

He made demands for money, but left with only the chainsaw and a bottle of soda, Northern Star News reports. He also faces allegations of damaging a parked vehicle during his getaway from the store.

A police officer going to the store saw Steele, and arrested him. Police dogs then found the chainsaw, reportedly stolen before the rampage occurred, in a bush near the store.

Steele faces charges of armed robbery, willful damage, public nuisance, being armed so as to inspire fear, and the possession of suspected stolen property.

Since no bail has been set, Steele will remain in jail until his case is heard on March 3.

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