France TV analyst: French have been ‘tougher, more realistic’ with Iran

Jamie Weinstein Senior Writer
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A longtime French foreign policy reporter and analyst urged President Barack Obama Tuesday to get tougher with Iran over its nuclear program.

Christian Malard, who served as a senior foreign policy analyst for France TV for over two decades, introduced his dose of reality on MSNBC’s “The Daily Rundown” as French President Francois Hollande arrived for a White House visit.

“I think the French have been a bit more tougher — more realistic — than the approach of President Obama toward Iranian President Rouhani,” Malard told host Chuck Todd. “Myself, having lived in Iran for three years under the ayatollah’s regime, I think we are too naive and gullible in the West to believe that this regime is going to respect the nuclear thaw.”

“I don’t trust this regime,” Mallard continued. “I don’t trust President Rouhani. And I think President Obama, President Hollande, Prime Minister Cameron in Great Britain, should be far tougher to get heard from this Iranian regime.”

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