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Masked eco-fascists brandish torches outside home of oil pipeline exec

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Who needs facts and evidence when you’ve got fire? Literally.

Lachlan Markay, Washington Free Beacon:

Masked protesters carrying torches and threatening organized violence protested outside the home of an executive at a major oil pipeline company last week.

Eight environmental activists gathered on the lawn of Mark Maki, a member of the Enbridge Energy Company’s board of directors and president of Enbridge Energy Management, to protest the arrests of three anti-pipeline activists last year…

Maki stepped out of his Houston, Texas, home to talk with the protesters, though he said he was not familiar with their grievances.

“It’s 10 o’ clock at night, I’m happy to discuss it, [but] not here, not in my neighborhood, not with my neighbors around,” Maki told them.

Photo courtesy of Bishop Hill:


It’s okay to stand outside a man’s home with torches and threaten him with violence, because he’s rich. Oh, and oil is bad.

I just want to know why Maki didn’t call the cops. You stand on my front lawn, wearing masks and carrying torches, and threaten to attack me? I’m calling the cops. And if we’re in Texas, you’re not going anywhere till they get there, because I’ll have you at gunpoint.

I’d like to see the looks on the faces of these geniuses if somebody correctly pointed out that the only difference between them and the Klan is the date on the calendar.

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Jim Treacher